Want To Start A Business With A Laser Engraver? – Here Are 4 Great Ideas

Laser engraving machines are incredible pieces of equipment that can be used for a wide variety of purposes – from etching logos onto stainless steel to creating boutique shoe designs. Naturally, this opens up a massive range of possibilities for potential business ventures.

Instead of having to create products either by hand or through cripplingly expensive production lines, you can complete the vast majority of the work from your own home if you want to.

However, with such a dizzying array of options at your fingertips, it can be tricky to know which business venture is right for your specific requirements.

What’s more, you may be frustrated by your lack of creativity when it comes to thinking up an innovative business idea. When presented with such an opportunity, you might find yourself going blank. To help you find a business that you could start that leverages a laser engraver, here are four great options.

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Shoe Company

A shoe company is unlikely to be the first business venture that comes to mind when you think of laser engravers, but in fact, this is potentially one of the most profitable choices on the list.

The key here is to market your shoe brand as a bespoke company – a place to shop for unique designs rather than conventional footwear. The reason for this is that the market is already flooded with mainstream brands that are may destroy you if you attempt to compete with them.

Trying to out-produce Nike or Adidas from your bedroom is only going to end one way, after all. Instead, stick to creating elaborate designs that you can mark up as exclusive collector’s items.

To make this venture work, you can either produce the shoes from scratch yourself or buy standard shoes and use a fiber laser engraver to carve the designs on top. You can view some examples of this kind of device here: https://www.lotuslaser.com/machines/laser-engraving-machines/

Metal Engraving Brand

Although it might sound niche, there is a huge demand for custom metal engraving all around the world. Whether a customer wants to buy a bespoke etched belt buckle, a necklace or bracelet, or even a fake sword that mimics their favorite from Lord of the Rings, there is no shortage of options for a metal engraver.

Moreover, because the products you will be etching are unique and custom-ordered by the customer, you can charge higher fees for your services.

Custom Wood Engravers

Similarly to the metal engraving option, you might initially laugh at the possibility of starting a custom wood engraving business. However, if you have a flair for creativity or prior woodworking experience, there is no reason why you can’t build a profitable business off the back of this niche. Whether it is carving initials onto a grandfather clock or a bespoke design onto a front door, there is no lack of avenues you can explore.

Laser-cut clocks

If you have a passion for unique home accessories, then a laser-cut clock business could be for you. Laser-cut clocks present the ideal way to add personalization to a home or help the owner remember a particular memory or person. The fact that you could create these designs to order further adds to the personalized feel of the product.

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