If Superheroes Worked In The Real World – What Would They Do? [Infographic]

This wonderful infographic from PeopleVox will take you through which Job role your favorite superheroes would do if they all worked as a team in a warehouse. For example, Spiderman would be a perfect box packer, he is super fast at picking and packing thanks to his fancy acrobatics.

Ant-Man is another superhero that has been included in this wonderful infographic, he would be the quality control within the business, with his ability to shrink down to a size of an insect means he can spot absolutely anything. The real question everyone would be asking is where in the world would the Hulk fit into this equation.

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The answer to that is he would be a forklift, he’s 10 times stronger than any forklift and 10 times more mobile than any forklift out there when you have a Hulk you have no problem.

Next the best team within the Avengers, the dynamic duo, Rocket, and Groot. [pullquote]The humongous height of Groot and the insane intelligence of rocket make these two the perfect team.[/pullquote] Next would be Thor, although he wouldn’t actually have a specific job role, Thor being well, Thor is good enough in our books. When you’re the god of thunder you don’t really have to do any manual labor don’t be silly!

Now on to the leaders of the team, the driving force to help the team at the top of their game! Firstly, Captain America, in his own right the greatest leader of all time. His ability to inspire his team and put himself before others make him the perfect manager. Secondly, Nick Fury. The director, everyone wants to impress him, Nick founded the Avengers and is responsible for all the great victories over the years, he’s not afraid of a bit of a risk, which would explain all of his success. He’s willing to make the difficult decisions, he is a natural born leader.

Wolverine is next out in this row of superheroes, the customer service professional. Not the ideal candidate without any stretch of the imagination. He probably has the most vulgar personality in the whole of the Avengers, but with his life experience talking to thousands of different people throughout the years, surprisingly makes him the most qualified for this position. He knows exactly what people want to hear and deals with them excellently.

Next is Iron Man, the operations director.[pullquote] Iron Man isn’t afraid of spending money, in fact, he has one of the most expensive properties in the whole marvel universe in the stark tower, the upside to having Iron Man in your team is that he knows how to make money.[/pullquote] So having him as your operations director is a great thing for your business.

Another key job role that needs to be taken up is marketing this is always one of the most important things to have within your business, thankfully we have Professor X. Being telekinetic he can get your product in the minds of the customers instantly. He prides himself on low advertising costs and very high conversion rates as he doesn’t really have to do much for it. Please see the infographic below for some more examples of Marvel superheroes and what their job role would be if they too worked in a warehouse.

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If Superheroes Worked In The Real World What Would They Do?

Imagines Superheroes Work Force Infographic