Three Simple Digital Marketing Goals For Your Business


Put the b2b meetings and storefront conversations on hold. – Your online presence is everything in 2024. Marketing is everything. The hard part is, making money from your business’s digital arm is more complicated than ever.

Not only are there a million channels to bring people to your website (social media, email, search ads, blogs), but it feels like the landscape is constantly adjusting to a new technology or trend. News articles about innovative social media platforms or tools are released daily.

How can you find real success with all the noise?


AI, TikTok, SEO; Stop The Noise

The typical digital marketing setup looks like this: a working website, some social media posts, and occasional lackluster attempts at other marketing tactics. Updates to these efforts happen every now and then, but when the excitement of sales at the outset slows to a trickle, the next step is unclear. We get it; the avalanche of information on digital marketing is overwhelming.

Just when you begin to master Facebook or Instagram, TikTok explodes. You just finished an On-Page SEO crash course, only to have AI search send you back to research hell. The good news is, you don’t need an “all-at-once”, brain-surgeon-level approach to digital marketing. Mute any news notifications, close Linkedin and stick to simple goals for your online growth.

Goal 1: Pick A Social Media Platform (That Your Customers Use) To Master

The internet is bursting with social media platforms. Instead of spreading yourself thin across multiple platforms, do some research on which platform fits your customer’s demographic and master it. Whether it’s the visually dynamic Instagram or the conversation-driven Twitter, choose a platform where you join your target buyer.

Bring up topics your customers care about, and encourage them to join in. Highlight the skills of your business and how they solve problems. A friendly, engaging social media presence is hard to stay away from, and your focus on a single platform makes your effectiveness much more manageable.

Goal 2: Let AI Perform One Common Marketing Task For You And Save Time

Every marketing conversation involves AI these days, but the term could mean anything. Chances are the AI function you’ll find entering your workflow will be a language system like ChatGPT or automation like’s social media planning.

It may sound scary or unfamiliar, but find one task an AI tool can perform that gives more of your day back to you. It may not seem to make a difference, but after a few days of trying it you’ll notice.

It’s the difference between a built-in ice machine to your fridge and fill-your-own ice trays: cold drinks anytime, no thought required.

Goal 3: Turn Your Website Into A Premier Experience

The golden age of movies is long gone, but a red carpet premiere is still a luxury experience for the celebrities involved. They step out of the car and are ushered to the front of the line and right to their theater seat.

This simple, VIP treatment should be the feeling of your website to your visitors.

Your website is your digital storefront, and custom web design can make a significant difference. Choose key pages (like the homepage, product page, or a landing page) and transform them into a premier experience for your visitors.

A positive online experience can convert visitors into loyal customers.

Stop The Marketing Confusion And Reach Your Goals

Digital marketing encompasses a lot nowadays – more than ever before. That doesn’t mean your approach has to be as discombobulated as you feel. Find out what social media platform your customers spend the most time on and solidify your presence there.

Use AI to take tedious work off of your plate so you have more time to get creative and think about the bigger picture to scale your business. Finally, pick a page on your website that can be polished into a high-end traffic acquisition machine.

When you break down your digital marketing into bite-size pieces like this, you can set your sights on perfecting the small details customers will always love you for.

Three Simple Digital Marketing Goals Business


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