Tips To Look Good, But Still Be Comfortable Working From Home

If you’ve been working from home, it’s an issue you probably know: your usual work clothes aren’t as comfortable as your ‘chill clothes’, but you also don’t want to look like a slob in your ZOOM call. So what do you do? In this article, we give you some tips to look good and professional working from home while feeling super comfortable.

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Invest In Soft, Form-Fitting Trousers

Many people have been wearing their jogging pants every day while working from home and hey – we get it. These are a lot more comfortable than skinny jeans, for instance. There’s no button digging into your belly and the fabric is soft. Unfortunately, most jogging pants are very recognizable, so if you wear them, you can’t stand up during a meeting to get an extra cup of coffee!

Luckily many brands have caught up with this new need and they’ve added classy-looking sweatpants for men (Dutch: sweatpants heren) and women to their ranges. Other brands have added soft, form-fitting trousers that you could even wear to the office but feel like sweatpants.

Be Picky About Your Fabrics

Even if you still have to wear a shirt, a silk shirt will feel different from a cheap, polyester one. And a lovely woollen vest (Dutch: wollen vest heren) will feel a lot different from one made from a wool and polyester blend. Sometimes you pay a little more for a great fabric, but you’ll probably be able to wear these items for years!

Diffuse Attention With A Bright Accessory

Some days you’re just not in the mood to dress up or you feel like you’re not even awake enough to be in a ZOOM call. If you don’t want anyone to call you out on your zombie-like-state, you can often get away with not being dressed to the nines if you let everyone focus on one particular thing. A good example of this is a bright accessory such as a funky tie or bowtie. Believe us: no one will jokingly ask you if you’ve slept enough when you show up to your ZOOM call with a bright green bow tie on!

What are you wearing when you’re working from home?

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