Top 5 Benefits Of Point-Of-Purchase Displays To Businesses And Retails

With the current pandemic disrupting the economy, most brick and mortar businesses have a difficult time to cope with the situation and stay on top. The best way to make businesses adopt the ‘new normal’ is to learn how to lure customers into buying more products.

Using point-of-purchase (POP) displays in marketing can be the ultimate solution that these businesses need to achieve their goal. POP displays showcase spotlight products and may give retailers a leg-up on the competition. If you effectively use these displays, they can also offer more advantages, such as the following.

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1. Attracts Impulse Buyers

Impulse buying accounts for an important chunk of the customer spending pie. According to the Marketing Support, Inc. and Leo J. Shapiro & Associates, around a third of all customers consider impulse buying each week, with a median of about $29. The amount may even be more for brick-and-mortar businesses because many buyers are inclined to have unplanned purchases at physical shops than e-commerce sites.

For you to attract impulse buyers through displays, you need to use some marketing skills. You can use the correct language to create a sense of urgency in your products. This is why socks and candies are the most common things people see near checkout lines.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Most retail owners want to increase sales with the biggest margin of profits. POP displays from suppliers like IDL Displays can improve your products’ sales at a lower cost than advertising on TV.

Based on the Harvard Business Review, displays that come with a one year life goes for 4 to 30 cents. However, if you want to reach out to more than 1,000 adult customers, the cost of these marketing materials can range from $5 to $7.

3. Boosts Sales

Whichever type of package you use, your business may easily crank up the sales through POP merchandising. Basically, there are many point-of-purchase alternatives, such as buttons, pre-packs, dumps, stickers, tent cards, and posters.

Though displays still take the day, and you can make them more effective by having a unique and creative plan. For example, you can capture the attention of customers by showing them what they may relate to. This can be in the form of pictures or individuals who fit the profile as the target audience. In case you want to sell products to middle-aged men, you may try incorporating pictures of them in the displays. Consequently, you should consider:

  • Creating interactive displays
  • Going for unusual shapes
  • Showing products in action
  • Enhancing lighting on your displays
  • Using pop displays to enlighten customers
  • Encouraging product testing

4. Portable And Purposeful

Point-of-purchase displays made of cardboard are foldable and portable, so it would be easy for your business to carry them anywhere. When used effectively, they may serve as a purposeful and all-inclusive promotional tool that can be reused and recycled when no longer needed.

To attain a minimum landfill and maximum recyclability, you must consider reusing your displays at the outset of the designing process. The materials, which you use on designing your displays have a huge impact on the environmental effect.

5. Strategically Locates Products

Most POP displays serve as a freestanding or attachments, which may fit on the ends of shelves. This offers flexibility to retailers when positioning your items and marketing your brand in their stores. Products will not have to be placed in the corners or squeezed anymore; rather, they will strategically be placed in the traversed locations to capture the attention of many clients. This way, you will be able to establish brand awareness to all your complementary products.

To Sum-Up!

With effective POP displays, both retailers and product owners can get numerous benefits. If your business is anticipating to invest in a highly-rewarding retail strategy, these displays may be a great option. It not only attracts impulse buyers but also increases sales and strategically locates items.

Off late, most product-based businesses are working towards achieving a brand name by establishing a positive impact on customers. You may also do the same to have a central position and stand space at trade shows, exhibitions, and retail stores to gain a competitive edge.

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