Top 7 Courier Services In The United Kingdom

When we send off a package or are awaiting one to be delivered to us, we expect the courier to deliver it on time and safely. We expect them to be respectful of our parcels and to make sure they don’t get lost in transit or stolen. Which is why we’ve listed the top 7 courier services in the UK.

We found the topmost rated courier services in the UK and a few well-known companies that deliver great services.

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The well-known courier DPD claim to offer a 1-hour window for deliveries, which is pretty decent seen as most give you a 3+ hour delivery window! They even have Sunday delivering options, so if you’re only at home on a Sunday, DPD have can deliver to your needs.


Hermes has an aim to deliver within three working days, and they seem to do well with their goal. They also have a ‘safe place’ service where the local courier can pick up your parcel from the safe place that you decided upon.


With an online calculator that estimates your shipments transit time and cost, UPS has an upper hand over their competitors. It’s a great feature for a courier to provide this as it’s always helpful to know an estimated delivery time and cost for your delivery, before going ahead.

Royal Mail

On their website, Royal Mail has the option to Click & Drop, which allows you to easily buy and print postage online. You can also register to manage regular dispatches, save return to sender addresses, create one-off shipments and more.

Royal Mail is also easy to rely on because of how widely used they are.


The courier service from Absolutely is one of the best out there. They pride themselves on not only delivering important documents but also being able to deliver chilled items from as low as -30°C.

So, if you need to deliver ice-cream or an ice sculpture then Absolutely is probably your best bet! If not, they also have an overnight service which proves extremely handy to many businesses and people.


FedEx is another reliable courier service that offers online services. You can prepare and house documentations in the document preparation center and schedule and manage pickups. There are tons of features on their site that offer more seamless deliveries.


The last courier service on our list is Parcelforce. They also have an online price estimate where you type in the weight length, width and height of your parcel and it calculates a quote.

Additionally, Parcelforce have a rewards scheme that offers exclusive discounts and offers to regular clients. They call this offer Rewards4U.

Have You Ever Had A Bad Experience With A Courier Service?

Tell us all about it in the comments below! Hopefully, you have never experienced a bad service from any of the couriers we have listed above, so feel free to also tell us some positive reviews too.

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