Top Blog Topics To Help You Make Money

There are as many topics for blog content as there are unique lifestyles, so it goes without saying that it can be difficult to settle on a specific topic. However, if you look to find some surefire ways to make money from a blog, there are some subjects that never go out of style. We are going to examine the top five blog topics that you can use to attract a massive readership that will earn you some cash.

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Everyone wants someone to love, and online dating sites are becoming some of the most prominent ways to meet individuals for dates. Most successful dating sites like have popular blogs that detail all things related to finding love. Everything from how to find dates, how to manage the first fights in a relationship, and how to properly utilize a dating site are topics that you can expect to see in a blog like this. You can even expand the content into particular orientations and desires to find a niche.


Exercise is a massive industry with everything from health supplements to equipment existing as subject matter on blogs. Since there are so many different ways to approach the concepts of exercise and so much new information coming out year to year, it is quite easy to establish a readership. However, you really have to know what you are talking about on these blogs because there are plenty of experts out there looking to challenge the points you make in an article.

Health Foods

Along with exercises, people are obsessed with eating healthy. The problem that many people struggle through is the fact that eating healthy often involves somewhat bland food. A healthy food blog can be dedicated to teaching people how to eat well without making eating seem like a chore. With so many people looking for new and interesting information, getting the readers is relatively easy and finding ad partners is something that will be possible for you. Of course, you might have to make a couple of videos to show off how you cook some of the delicious meals you have in mind.

Money Management

Another topic that is great to use for blogs that are setting up to be monetized is money management. People are always looking for new tips on how to invest their money and how to spend it wisely. If you have a background in finance and can explain complex deals in simple terms, then there is a good chance that you can establish a very successful blog of this sort. Give sound advice, get a readership, and watch as the site views continue to grow.


The final topic that is always successful with blogging is sports. There are hundreds of millions of fans of sports around the world and they are all looking for hot takes, a good opinion, or some inside information about their team. People flock to sport sites so that they can have a great time discussing their favorite teams and showing how passionate they can be. This might take longer to build up a readership than other blogs, but it is well worth it.

Overall, there are many different topics that you can write about and expect to make some money, but there are also subjects with larger returns possible. When you look at the five topics provided here, it is clear that these are amazing ways of going about discussing important issues and attracting readers. As long as your content is meaningful and engaging, you should have no problems meeting new people.

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