What Web Readers Really Want

So, you want to attract more readers and more traffic to your website. Maybe you have a blog, run a company website, manage a forum. You know your stuff and you’re not a bad writer. How do you optimize your content for the World Wide Web and your web readers?

Readers today are fickle. Millennials don’t want to read long, tedious articles (and I know because I am one). People today want an answer and they want it quick. They could care less when it comes to wordplay and voice.

Be it an article, an emailed newsletter, or a social media post – Here are few things to consider when creating content.

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Who’s Your Target Readers?

Knowing whom you are trying to reach and what type of traffic you want is essential to creating engaging content. Put yourself in the shoes of your desired audience. Ask yourself, what would I be looking for? What would one want to see on the page? What would I appreciate? How would I like to interact with the material?

This is a bit of a feel thing but try asking around, via social media and forums related to your field, to find out what the people you are trying to connect with need and want. I love Reddit for getting an idea of what the Internet is up to and to find out what people are ‘really’ thinking.

Put The Message Up Front

Lead your piece with the main message you are trying to get across to your audience. Create a title that captures your whole message – It should be direct and to the point, while also being interesting. Having a small summary at the top of the piece is also a nice way to get your point out there, even if the reader doesn’t stay on the site long enough to enjoy the whole publication.

For an example, look above… Also, here is a good resource to help you create engaging, informative titles and headings.

Keep It Short And Simple

No one want’s to read a ten-page article on which fabric softener is the best and why? They would, however like a quick list, with the pros and cons, followed by a quick summary and recommendation. That’s it… Short and simple!

Write With Google In Mind

White with a search engine in mind – Writing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great way to move your content up the search ladder. How do you search for articles? Do you type in a long-winded title or do you get extremely specific? No. You type in a few keywords that sum up the entirety of what you’re looking for.

You don’t need to be an expert to think of what keywords and titles people are looking up. Write your content and then decide what type of words you would use to search for the piece you created. Use those keywords you just developed and place them throughout your writing where you can.

Links, Pictures & Videos Are Cool

Make your site playful and interactive by giving your visitors more to see and different ways to explore your work. Everyone learns and processes information differently. Incorporating different types of media into your site helps ensure there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Including links, to other content you created or to other sites with relevant information, helps give you credibility while also making you a go-to source. Making your publication a reader’s first go-to, because they know they will find even more recommended content through your website, goes a long way in creating repeat traffic.

Social Media Is Cool Too

Social media is so in right now! Use social media to get the word out. Many people today begin their search, for anything and everything, on social media. Create social media accounts that promote your business/work and put out links to the content you want people to see.

It’s free, easy, and simple. If you’re not taking advantage of networking your material on social media then you’re missing out on free advertising. Word of mouth (word of post???) is, in my opinion, the best way to attract quality attention to anything, be it products or content.

Looks Matters

Everyone likes pretty things! What makes Apple so successful? They are extremely innovative and forward thinking but, ultimately, everything they make is gorgeous. Your site and your posts should be good-looking and pleasing to the eye.

Keep your site clean and organized. Try not to cram the page with information. Blank space (empty space on the page) and smart design choices elevate the quality of a website. Take inspiration from websites you visit – I bet they’re pretty and easy to use.

If it looks good, it (usually) is good!

Need an example of a quality reputable site and some strong content? Check out the Casino Insider at CasinoSmash. CasinoSmash is a great website for quality reviews of casinos and useful articles, all presented with the user in mind.

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