12 Beautiful Portraits and Dark Art

I am not a photographer, I only have a simple digital camera that I bring with me all the time to take photographs that catch my attention, although I know a lot of good photographers that I admire tremendously. To me, photographers are people who have an eye for capturing beauty and immortalizing it, giving any subject new life or a different way for us to look at it.

Dark photographs are my favorite, not only in the true sense because of the lighting, but also because of what the photographer wants to portray. Others may not like it, as it somehow brings its audience a kind of unsettling feeling.

Primarily a product of the 20th Century, dark art is an art style defined as that being “dark” or unsettling in nature. Called and classified under many names such as gothic, horror, metaphysical, nightmarish, and disturbing, it is actually a culmination of techniques and styles. It has been presented in many forms by many artists, illustrators and film-makers. It continues to grow in popularity as a part of the horror genre and gothic, music and publishing culture. Today, it is a part of our mainstream culture, crossing over into multiple mediums including advertising, television, film, and marketing. While it has roots in horror, it has been presented in collage, surrealism, abstract, motion graphics, grunge, expressionism, and largely digital art.

I put together some beautiful dark portraits and art that I hope will inspire you.

Main Image Source – Vulnerability

Image Source – Bad Dreams

Image Source – Lost His Soul Gained His World

Image Source- A little Light

Image Source – Bobble Head

Image Source- Storm

Image Source- The Closest Thing to Crazy

Image Source – I am a Lotus Eventually

Image Source *

Image Source – I’ll Take Care Of You

Image Source – If I should Die

Image Source – Hide Feelings