A Roof Shingled With Vinyl Records: A Different Kind Of Retro

It’s easy to fall into the pits of ordinary thinking when you look at what every other person is doing and how they are doing it. I recently heard someone say that “if every one is thinking the same, no one is thinking at all” which is definitely true. We adapt to whatever the masses think is cool, beautiful, right or wrong and so on. But, is there really an ugly or a beautiful? It’s, as they say, all in the eye of the beholder. Our own opinions are our own, and it’s every person’s right to have an opinion, or at least it still is. Working on Bit Rebels each and every day truly lets you see quite a bit of that. It’s like there really is no end to what people will come up with.

Matt Glassmeyer truly has a different view on things and it’s all towards awesome thinking. Sure, it’s a bit odd, but it’s also truly genuine and definitely retro. How about nailing 350 old and broken vinyl records to the roof? It’s a truly artful idea if you ask me. It’s vinyl, so it will probably last forever if not longer as well (err…). Hopefully there are no invaluable classics among them. I guess in time they will all be, and then it’s probably just as easy to take them down again.

It just goes to show that recycling truly is an art form in itself. Maybe it’s time to check out that basement at home to see if I got a whole luxury home hidden in there. You never know, right? Even the simplest of things can become truly useful stuff if you just spend some time on it. Time is the part of that equation I usually don’t have. So is this cool? I guess yes. Is it good looking? Maybe not so much. Retro? YES!

Source: [Treehugger]