A Train Turned Into A Bed And Breakfast Hotel!

If you are fond of traveling the world and doing it in the most cultural way possible, then you probably like checking out every train route that ever existed. It seems there should be a way to travel around the world without ever having to drive to another train station. We could just take a connecting train until we end up at the very same place we started. If anyone knows if this exists, then tell us. Maybe there’s even a time lapse video of someone traveling around the world by train. It sounds like it would be something that someone would undertake just to be the first one to do it.

So if you’re unable to travel in any other way then by train for the one and only reason that you find it more appealing to stick to the railway, then you must have a look at the train that was turned into a full grown bed and breakfast hotel. The hotel is located on the Controversy Farm in Hoogwoud (NL) and will set your heart on fire with its recycled and vintage items.

The retro feel of the whole thing is unmistakable, and there are plenty of activities for children to put their brains into second gear. The place is also covered with resting places, old vintage train sections, and each one of the cars is made into something that will make your stay as wonderful as possible. It just doesn’t get more original than that.

Via: [Inhabitat]