Affect Media Campaign: Hidden Personalities Photography

One of my favorite pastimes is to just sit at an Internet cafe and enjoy a nice coffee, working a bit and watching people that walk by. Yeah, like you didn’t do that as well. Well, it’s such an inspiration because no matter how many people you look at, you will never ever come across the very same qualities in any two people. Everyone is different unless the same person walks by twice, but if that doesn’t happen it’s a never ending source of inspiration.

As always, there is an exception to the rule and that is when someone has a hidden dark side to their personality. We don’t see them that often and looking at these images by Lyubomir Sergeev for the “Affect Media Campaign” maybe that’s a good thing. The gore imagination is nothing less than macabre and shouldn’t go unnoticed to anyone when plastered on billboards around the world.

If these images reflect the current society, I think we’re all in deep trouble. To some extent, it’s true though. In each of these photos there is a bit of reality that I not only think is sad, but disturbing. Then again, this campaign is nothing but eye opening and full of creativity. I dare you to stare at each image for a few minutes and you will find several little pieces that will make it even more interesting or… should I say bizarre.