Aliens Father – Hard At Work

Few artists and designers have had such an impact on the movie industry like our beloved father of the most frightning movie creature ever made – “Alien” – H.R.Giger. After designing and implementing Alien and the outlandish space environments in the Alien movies Giger has been working on several other movies as well, including “Species”, “Dune” and “Poltergeist II” among others.

After the success of Alien, the first movie in the quadrilogy, which he also won an Oscar for (he was miscredited in Alien III after ill actions of the producer and the movie company which lead to him not being entered as a nominee for a second Oscar for the movie), Mr. Giger further developed his concept and started several Giger Bars around the world. Some located in New York, Tokyo and Gruyéres in Switzerland.

His twisted imagination and the love for the scary has lead to him becoming somewhat of an icon for movie horror in every way. Here are some clips of some of his work along with a rare clip with Mr. Giger himself hard at work.

H.R. Giger at Work

Original Alien Head

Giger Bar -Switzerland