Amazing Rastermation And How To Do It

I recently got caught up in an intensely interesting animation technique called “Rastermation“. It’s like nothing else I have ever seen. The results that can be achieved with Rastermation are pure magic, and if I were a kid today, this would totally make me wanna start to animate. Even though the whole thing seems quite complicated, when you really look into, it becomes a lot more clear and understandable.

What does it do? It actually masks and unmasks the striped images you have on a paper. The process is to create a set of images, in this case six, and then create a striped version of each. When that is complete, you combine all the images into one single image making the whole thing look odd and smudged.

However, with the use of a transparent striped plastic sheet, you will be able to animate the images by slowly dragging the plastic striped sheet over the six striped images. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. Well, if you look at the second clip here, it becomes a lot more clear. Now create your own Rastermation and film it. Tell us about it, and we’ll publish it. The cooler the better. This is something that everyone should take a look at. It’s really amazing.

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