Artistic Inspiration: Thousands of Memories Mashed Into One

Wow, this is nuts! It’s one of those projects that would take me a decade to finish, no, on second thought, a lifetime. Artist Corinne Vionnet created these pictures of famous monuments below. Well, she sort of created them. What she actually did is mind bending.

She made these from actual tourist photographs. There are between 200 and 300 photos carefully pieced together on each one of these to create this look. The next obvious question is, how did she get her hands on this many photos? My first guess was Facebook since we all know that is the world’s largest photo album. However, what she did was meticulously go through photo sharing sites, searching for just the right pictures to layer upon the rest.

When they are all combined like this, it’s like a big group memory. It’s bizarre to me that so many people take pictures of the exact same thing at the exact same angle. Are we all that predictable when we go on vacation? I suppose so. If you look closely at each of these, you can see evidence of different experiences. These are truly meaningful, in so many different ways, to so many different people.

I wonder if the people who actually took these photos and contributed to this beautiful artwork will ever know. Probably not. After all, they uploaded their vacation photos online for anyone to view. I guess that kind of makes them public property. Like Mark Zuckerberg says, there is no such thing as privacy anymore. I only put a few of the pictures here. You can view the entire collection on My Modern Met.

Tourist Photos Woven Together

Tourist Photos Woven Together

Photographs Of Monuments Put Together

Tourist Photographs Layered Together

Photographs Of Monuments Put Together

Photographs Of Monuments Woven Together

Vacation Photos All Put Together

Via: [My Modern Met]