Beautiful Street Water Calligraffiti Art

Water, it’s the one natural resource that is a necessity for all life. Even though you can easily find it in your tap, you might not think about it more than that. It is good to use to take a shower or drink, but it is not a guaranteed clean resource in some parts of the world. We could debate this unfair situation for a long time, and it is good that we do, but there are more uses for water than we could ever think of. It’s pretty much used in every manufactured product on this planet, whether it is used in the actual product or just in the manufacturing phase. It could also be used when creating inspiring street art, and it doesn’t leave a nasty mess that has to be cleaned up afterwards.

Dutch street artist Niels Meulman is one of the very best in the field when it comes to street water art. It’s a really complicated element to work with, and unless you know your trade, it can be maddening and annoying. However, Neils has certainly mastered the element of water, and what he creates with it results in pure inspiration. With just a broom, he manages to create the most beautiful, what has been dubbed, water calligraffiti.

It’s amazing to see the process, and how simple it looks to create. But don’t be fooled, I am sure that this kind of street art is by far more complicated than it actually looks. I am not sure if I like the last details he adds in the end, but the overall result is truly amazing. It is in the beginning clean and simple, but I guess water has a tendency to affect the surrounding element and spread, which can make the clean look a little bit compromised. I am really looking forward to see more of this. It’s great inspiration for designers and artists.


Via: [UFunk – French]