BoomCase: Suitcases Recycled Into Awesome Portable Speakers

Bit Rebels is completely jam packed with stuff created out of old and used things. That’s not to say we need to be dusted off or anything, just that there is a new use for everything old. There is really no telling what you can create out of old stuff when you put your mind to it. With a bit of ingenuity and some minor skills, you can really create interesting and useful things that will further lengthen the lifetime of the thing you are about to throw away. Have you ever been at an airport waiting for your luggage and thought to yourself “I could really turn that suitcase into…” Me neither really. However, believe me, there are people out there that really do think in these patterns.

Some of those people are the ones behind my new favorite online store, The BoomCase Store. I can’t find the words to explain how ingenious this is. They have taken old and battered (refurbished) suitcases and turned them into awesome portable speaker boxes. The name BoomCase is beyond fitting, and I can imagine them having a heck of a punch. I don’t know if they have a dampened sound, but the look is just awesome.

The styles and colors of course vary, and that’s exactly why this is so awesome. No suitcase, sorry, BoomCase looks the same, and you can be sure you will have the only one that looks like yours. The prices vary from $250 all the way up to $550. I take it that it depends on the size of the case and how much technology is incorporated into it. It’s one of the most brilliant ideas I have seen in quite a while. Awesome!