Candy Face Artwork: Disturbing Deliciousness

Candy is one of the most sugar injected delicacies we humans love to eat and hate to love. There are so many negative effects that come from candy, yet many times we only look at the one positive effect, and that is that it tastes so good. In fact, some studies say we eat more candy each year than we actually eat vegetables. That is kind of frightening when you think about it. Not only does it cause a boat load of diseases, it also makes you fat if you don’t eat it in controlled amounts. Without exercise, you are bound to gain pound after pound until one day you realize that you weigh more than twice as much as before. All this can happen without your even knowing how you got to that point.

To portray this, designer and artist Ashkan Honarvar created a set of quite disturbing and mind blowing images that are sure to put things in perspective. If you are not asking yourself the question “Why do I eat candy again?” after looking at these pictures, you must be perfectly blind, not only by eye sight but also in your mind.

This would be a great contribution to Jamie Oliver’s campaign called the Food Revolution where he asks people to take action against fast food and all the junk we’re stuffing ourselves with each and every day. Not only would they make anyone feel profoundly grossed out, but they would also leave a lasting image of what effects candy can have on your body and soul.

To critique these images would be a crime against creativity and originality. Instead I would just like to say that these images really gross me out and the bowl of candy sitting on the living room table will be untouched by me for at least a few weeks. I am sure you will restrain from eating those sugar impacted bars of destruction as well. Make a change. Join the food revolution!