Check out my Butt-Sled

I love and hate snow sledding. The preparation to the 12 seconds of thrill is the worst part. First you need to climb up the hill in a foot of snow. If that is not difficult enough you then need to try and land your butt on a sled that is nearly impossible to keep still. Half the time I end up loosing my sled and shooting it down the hill empty while I am still at the top. There is no dumber feeling than being the guy chasing his own sled just slip and take a header into the freezing cold fluffy-ness (and that’s if you’re lucky enough not to plant your face on the hard packed-down trail of the previous sledders).

A new product I recently found from Orvis is sure to make sledding a little more enjoyable. They call it Pull-on Snow Shorts, I call it Butt-Sled. Its a pair of shorts that have been joined with a plate in the shape your your behind. Pull up these sled-plated shorts over your snow pants and you are ready to ride the hill on your dairy-aire.

With the “Butt-Sled” you steer by shifting your weight. A foam-padded PVC seat is fused to the snowsuit shorts and is flexible to -20º F.

Now the next time your sled gets away down the hill, you will at least be going for the ride.