Coca Cola Mystic: The Beverage Has Never Been This Sexy!

I don’t know what it is about Coca Cola that makes it the most popular brand of all time. Maybe it’s the red color of the brand itself, or maybe it’s the mystery of the black beverage that makes us pour this sugary drink by the gallons into our energized bodies. I recently saw a TED keynote by Melinda Gates (yes, Bill Gates wife) who spoke about what we could learn from Coca Cola. Their marketing as the brand has more reach than any other brand in the world. She described how you could go to a village in the middle of nowhere in Africa where they didn’t even have toilets, but they would have truck loads of Coca Cola. Truck loads!

The ever expanding list of concept designs for the Coca Cola bottle is as inspirational as it is creative, and you can always be sure you’ll find both positive and negative comments about every single one of them. The latest on the list comes from talented and brilliant designer Jerome Olivet who has taken on the bottle in a whole different way.

Maybe you could take the description as far as saying that Coca Cola has now gone supernatural. Why? Because the new concept bottle is anything but natural or like the original. The main focus was to create something sexy, something that expressed happiness but also gave it a loving silhouette. If you stare at it for a second you’ll find yourself drawing the lines between it and a superhero. The form and shape of it tells you that a powerful and energizing drink is just within your reach. Drink it and you’ll find yourself filled with every thought that makes your world a happy place to be in. When I think about it, it sounds more like a drug really. Hmm, after all, Coca Cola had just a tiny fraction of Coca in it when they first started out, I think.