I think Coca Cola should go naked – Sexy | Do you?

Never did I think I would hear myself say that -“I want to see Coca Cola naked”. But it’s true, I really do. In an age when everything is done around the “Green” color and everyone is trying to stay as environmentally aware as possible there are some things that could be done that we’re not always thinking about. Some are obvious things that really never cross our minds. So far we’ve seen Apple go from polluting to environmentally green. We’ve seen pretty much every printing company go from bleach in their paper that pollutes the environment more than anything else to only printing on unbleached paper. The technology is evolving around these simple rules and it is necessary for our survival in the long run.

So, what else could we do? Well, designer Harc Lee has designed and created a naked Coca Cola can that is pure designer porn, almost. Coca Cola produces about 75.3 Billion cans of Coca Cola a year recycling them is creating a huge pollution footprint in the world from all the coloring and dyes involved in the red, patented color we’ve all come to enjoy and idolize.

Harc Lee‘s solution is a silver aluminum can with the brand name beveled on the can. The solution is simple yet brilliant. This would ensure a pretty much 100% clean recycling process and considering the hefty amount of Coca Cola cans produced each year this could be a huge step towards a greener environment.

If you ask me, I think the new can of Coca Cola is miles more sexy than the old red one. I was and still is a huge consumer of Coca Cola and if I may express my humble opinion I think changing the cans would make me even more keen on buying Coca Cola instead of any other soda out there. It’s the content of the packaging that is the main thing right? Not the packaging itself… The only thing standing between Coca Cola and the new design of their cans is the brand itself. The red color has become synonymous with Coca Cola and it might take a long time before Coca Cola actually realizes that it’s their drink we like and not the can. Simply, silver aluminum can equals SEXY!