Disturbing Art: Victorian Zombies With Severed Heads

I filed this under stuff that’s completely twisted and disturbing yet interesting and intriguing. We’ve all seen these Victorian sculptures before, right? To me, they have a kind of “little old lady” feel to them since they were popular back when I was very young. Many times you’ll see them on dusty bookshelves as if they’ve been sitting there forever, just waiting for someone to notice them. I think my grandmother has about twenty of these kinds of figurines.

Now, tell me, what would possess this artist, Jessica Harrison, to create these figurines in the most disturbing way? Could it be possible that she hates these sculptures and this is her way of lashing out against all the little old ladies that collect them? Or, perhaps she is just a zombie lover, kinda like me! Or, maybe it’s all about Hannibal Lecter… “I’m giving very serious thought to eating your wife.” Regardless of her inspiration, I’m digging it!

These figurines are part of a collection that she calls “Victorian Ladies and their Brains.” I like the bloody brain detail and the woman carrying her own intestines. I also like that the pretty white dresses are permanently stained with blood. It’s such great symbolism for how life isn’t always perfect and pretty, but we make it work as best we can. If this doesn’t put your weird-shit-o-meter into overdrive, I don’t know what will. Love it.

[via Like Cool]