Dress Up Your Phone for New Years Eve and Black Tie Events!

Right as I am writing this, you are all probably getting ready to rock the night to celebrate the coming of the new year. You’ve bought your champagne, ironed your shirt, picked the dress and made sure that you are truly ready for another New Years Eve to remember. After all, we only get to enjoy so many through our life. But, when everything gets hectic, it’s easy to forget the little things, like the kind of details that will push the celebration factor up just another notch to make it completely perfect. And, by that, I don’t mean picking the right cigar or ordering the cab (which could be a good idea for all of us to remember by the way).

Nope, I am talking about the second thing you’re always carrying with you wherever you go. It’s probably the second most important thing after your wallet or purse. It’s your cell phone of course. It surely deserves some attention. After all, it’s the gadget you’ll be using when calling all of those friends right when you’re cheering in the new year and the fireworks are sparkling in the sky.

Why not pimp it out with the new Tuxedo Black and White Gadget Case? It will surely add that extra touch to your evening. For only $18.00, you’ll get one for those special occasions when you want your phone to have the same chance to look as cool as you do. Designed and sold by Coolbeans717 on Etsy (of course!), it’s for everyone that wants to push the celebration just a bit further.