Every Time You Make A Bad Ad: This Happens!

It’s not exactly an understatement to say that the advertising industry is built upon the imagination and ideas of a weirder tomorrow. Every time a new ad is launched, either on or off the Internet, it’s seems to be yet another step closer to madness. This is just to catch our attention, and to make us dedicate those valuable seconds or minutes to what the advertisers are paying for. Sometimes an ad campaign even boils down to the success or failure of a product or service, so people are getting ever more creative.

That’s exactly what the people behind The Eagle Awards did to launch this year’s print awards in South Africa. They created an ad campaign that will for sure catch your attention. Why? Because it will destroy, inhibit and alter any pleasant dreams you have ever had when it comes to the story telling of a magical evening.

The clever and quite funny ad says that every time you create a bad ad, either a fairy loses her wings, a unicorn dies or a a bunny commits suicide. As we all know, none of us wants any of these things to happen, so apparently it will make you think twice before you clear an ad for your product or service. This is, of course, good since we too often see people rush through that process and the result is horrific and usually embarrassing. So if you’re reading this, and right now you are brainstorming about an upcoming ad you’re working on… please spend a second thought on it and create a good one. We don’t want another unicorn to die. Please!

Image Credits: [The Eagle Awards]