Frostie: Future Design Puts Sound To Your Air Guitar

Working with music, I often come across a lot of people who think they are the next big thing. Sometimes they are better than others, but there is always a reason why artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Celine Dion are world renowned, and it hasn’t got much to do with luck. The world is full of people who really want a touch of the rock’n roll lifestyle and to be idolized by the masses. The drunken veil of inappropriate karaoke singing seems to have become a household everyday occurrence, and people jam to their air guitar harder than ever before.

Soon there will be no silence in the invisible guitars that some silently carry in their backs in hopes that they will somehow magically learn the skills for playing Slash’s solos. That magic is called Frostie, and it is a concept design and dream child of designer Mac Funamizu. The technology for this is already around, and it’s just a matter of time before we will see people acting like lunatics around the living room, imagining they are a new member of the Rolling Stones.

Frostie will let you tap your fingers on a surface and the bracelet will sync to your rhythm. Every tap, movement or shake will result in a piano playing preset chords or drums. This way music making is going to be a lot easier, sure. However, don’t expect it to correct your rhythm. It’s all up to you to keep it tight. I guess this thing is bringing us back to true rhythm again as opposed to the digital corrected rhythm that we are so accustomed to in today’s music. So, rock that air guitar and hear the rock’n roll flavors of a distorted guitar echo through your dreams of a lavish life as a VIP celebrity. Just don’t forget to pick up your children at school at the end of it.