Geek Girl Style: Stunning Star Wars R2-D2 Eyes

If you’ve always been an R2-D2 fan like me, I have great news. Now you can be R2-D2. Well, not exactly, but with this artwork on your eyes, you’ll be about as close as you can get. This makeup look is absolutely stunning, and it’s definitely a Star Wars geek girl’s dream come true. If I were to ever attend a Star Wars convention or cosplay event, I would definitely want to wear this look.

I recently found out about a makeup artist from Finland named Jangsara. Her eye shadow creations are mind-blowing to say the least. About a week ago, her Avengers Eye Makeup went viral, and if you saw that, you are probably starting to be able to recognize her signature style.

She typically uses bright bold colors and flawless fake eyelashes. She always colors the eyebrows to match, so it’s all one complete look with no detail spared. The model in this example even has blue eyes, which only adds to the look. You can find Jangsara on her own blog at Makeup Your Jangsara and also on Makeup Geek. Since she includes a lot of tutorials for how to get the looks she creates, it’s actually feasible that we could do this ourselves. Jangsara has never had any formal training, which gives all of us clumsy amateur makeup artists hope. I wonder how she would make Yoda eyes. I bet that green color would be just her style. I present to you… R2-D2 eyes!



Images Credit: [Makeup Your Jangsara]