The Growing Importance Of UX In App Design

App design has never been as advanced as it is today, and it has to be with the growing expectations put on designers by their users with an appetite for quality. The main reason we spend so much time engaging with apps is that the UX design is truly fit for purpose and often feels like it knows what we want before we do. As a new generation of app designers take the stage, and new ideas are slated for the future, the importance of UX in app design is only going to grow. Let’s discuss why that’s true and what you need to look out for.

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The Best UX Means The Lowest Learning Curve

Users don’t want to do the work, and they have likely downloaded an app to make part of their life more simple. This is where great UX app design comes into play. Ideally, you want the lowest learning curve for your user so that they can easily interact with the app and get immediate value – rather than taking users away from the app to find out how to use it or to be proficient in another area. That’s not to say your app can’t be niche either, but the best apps are seamless in their experience.

Integration Aids Retention

Integration is another way you can bolster your app’s user experience. If your app has a payment or ordering function, integrating with PayPal, AfterPay or another known payment method is a fantastic way to make that process seamless and instill trust in the user.

There are fewer and fewer platforms that do not offer a range of options and integrated app partners, and so you don’t want your app to be inferior due to a lack of flexibility. Another great integration is having your users simply log in through Facebook or Gmail to get into your app, as you are not creating more work or a new login for them and can capitalize on their eagerness to use your app.

Saturated Market

There are a million apps that will help you record your schedule and upcoming events – and yet Google Calendar is the preferred app by millions. A saturated market does not mean that your app has no hope, although you need to be driving value through enhanced UX to corner the market.

Before you bring your app into a crowded market, be sure to test-run all the top competitors and either meet or exceed the high-quality UX you encounter in these apps. A cool feature will always create some intrigue, but that feature has to be able to stand up and provide ease, convenience, or something substantial.

Expert Guidance

What’s great about the app design industry is that the barrier to entry is relatively low. That said, there is a vast difference between an app that is designed affordably through DIY methods to one that is masterfully designed by an app design agency at the top of their game.

If you want an app that will last the distance and forge a name for itself, then you will need to engage expert guidance at one point or another. You might be seeking guidance with the design, the technical output, or you might even just benefit from a copywriter. Leaving experts out of the process will not translate to great UX!

UX can be seen across any and all digital touchpoints, and chief among them are apps which continue to push the possibilities. UX is only going to be more and more vital to the success of your app and online business, so be sure to highlight its prominence in your business and all future developments.

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