Hose Cactus: Stunning Artwork About Drinking Water

Who would have thought that even a hose could be recycled into something so genuinely beautiful? The cactus is used to living in harsh environments where water is sparse. Deserts seem to be the prime location where cactus’ flourish, and they have been recorded to live between 50 and 200 years which, under the circumstances, is a tremendous feat when you take in consideration that water is the source of everything living. I think that anyone will agree when I say that when you hear the word cactus you think about dryness, thorns and a big, green, odd looking cucumber like stem. However, there is yet another “cactus” that I am sure you have never heard or seen before.

Brian Jewett, the brilliant mind and brainstormer behind the Hose Cactus project, certainly knows how to get a person’s attention. Not only does these cactus’ look insanely real when viewed from a distance, but they also work as a great method to recycle hoses into artwork when they are no longer needed or functional.

Before leaving Los Angeles, Mr. Jewett drew his inspiration from the ever increasing need for clean water around the world. He decided to solidify the concept of a cactus, a strong symbol for saving water, and a hose, which we use to mostly pour unnecessary water down the drain, into a powerful visual experience. It’s a symbolic concept where the little drain in the center of the cactus delivers a truly powerful and ultimately distressing message. We all need to be more careful with our drinking water. Period.