How To Make The Most Of Your Small Apartment Or Condo

Many people today decide to live in a home that trades location for size. In short, they don’t mind living in a smaller home because they love living in their preferred neighbourhood. But a smaller home doesn’t need to feel tiny. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your small condo or apartment.

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Furniture That Fits The Space

If the furniture in your apartment feels cramped, so will your entire home. Create a sense of balance by getting the proportions right where you live. Don’t try to fit too large a couch in a small space. Visit stores like The Chesterfield Shop that have a huge selection of furniture of all sizes.

That way, you can find a couch that is shaped in a way that suits your apartment. It’s better to have a couch that seats three people comfortably and blends into the space, rather than a sectional that juts out where it shouldn’t and makes the room feel constricted.

Use Light Smartly

A clean and well-lighted place creates a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere that will make your home feel larger than it is. What kind of natural light do you get? How big are your windows, and in which direction do they face? If you want to increase the amount of light in your home, there are effective ways to use mirrors.

By reflecting the sun, mirrors can literally spread light throughout your home. A small dark space feels small. Brighten things up. Use electric lighting creatively, too. You can put a low watt LED bulbs under a countertop to enjoy sophisticated lighting, or use bulbs that cast a mellow light.

Light Colours

Decorating with dark colours will make a small space feel even smaller. Be mindful of this when choosing wall art, furniture, rugs, and even paint. Opting for brighter colours creates an illusion of space. The dark colours will feel like they’re closing in on you, whereas bright hues do the opposite, opening things up.

Use Walls Where You Can

When your square footage is limited, use the walls to your advantage. In your kitchen, a knife rack will save you counter space. Install shelves on your living room wall instead of having them take up space on the ground. When installing shelves, make sure you use anchors suitable for your type of wall, especially if you’re putting heavy things on them, such as books. Try to take advantage of space that is otherwise hard to utilize.

You may want to mount your TV on the wall instead of putting it on a stand on the floor. We’ve all been spending more time at home than usual, so it’s important to really enjoy the spaces where we live. Buy furniture that’s proportionate to the room, keep it light and bright, and remember the walls are your friends. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll get the most out of your home.

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