Retro Seating: Now You Can Literally Sit In Your Fridge!

Many things can be modified or beautified, but few things can be turned into something entirely different and still be useful in a whole new way. I know, that sounds really weird, and the more I think about that sentence, the more my head spins. However, it’s the truth, and this article is going to show you just what I mean. I mean, what can you really do with a toaster for example? Well, toast bread, right? What can you do with it when it breaks? Store two books in it? Well, yeah, but this is entirely different.

The guys over at FridgeCouch know exactly what to do with an old refrigerator. With a little handy work, it’s easily turned into a retro couch that will beat anything that you will find over at IKEA or Crate&Barrel. This things got style, retro feel, and most importantly of all, it’s got awesomeness.

Combined with a car seat and an old refrigerator, you will fit a unique and personalized couch with that sweet 50s feel all in your living room. What can be more geeky than sitting in your own fridge stacking those high scores on top of each other? Lean back, open a brewski and enjoy the sweetness of recycling. Try to beat this with any of your appliances at home. I bet you can’t… Or can you?