How to Create a Flash Cartoon Animation

Working in Flash can be a real joy sometimes but also very time consuming if you don’t know the basic tools well enough to make the work flow progress smoothly. There are lots of benefits in working with Flash and one of them is the simplicity of creating complex animations, There are a ton of Cartoon animations out there that is made in Flash and in this short article I will include a couple of easy ways to create just that.

The only important step really is to have a good idea about what you want it to be about. A thought through idea is often the best one as they say. It will make the process of creating it much faster and you will also have every step all clear to you which will make the designing of the whole cartoon a lot faster and more enjoyable. The worst thing ever when designing a cartoon is to sit around and squeeze your ideas out. It’s boring and usually makes for a less satisfactory result. With these short tutorials maybe you will create the next YouTube viral cartoon short clip. It’s all about the idea really…