How To | Create a Paper Laptop

As a follow up post on Misty’s “A Mix of Reality and Illusion | Animated by Evelein” I found this tutorial on how to create your very own working paper laptop in just a few steps. The great thing with this laptop is that you are able to really set the specs for it all yourself. It’s no longer limited to what the manufacturer decides what this model should be empowered with. A great thing is also that no matter how much you put on the drive it never runs out of space.

And what’s even better is that you have full control over how the laptop’s design will end up looking. If you want a curved screen you can add that. If you want to sport the old school monochrome screen features it’s all up to you. Widescreen? Not going to be a problem. Just use a couple more papers and you’ll be all there. Even the screen size and resolution is all up to your choice.

But, be careful though. These computers are very rare and they are a treasured target for thief’s and their ever growing need for the latest and greatest wares to sell to get them the money for the rent or whatever they use it for.

So, be creative. Be original and make surte you put in an anti-theft lock on it. Why not even a GPS tracker so you can see where the computer is at all times. It’s even profitable for yourself to know where you are after a night out and you’ve had a little too much to drink. Enjoy!