How To: Improve your handwriting!

Have you ever had a friend that you think has that perfect handwriting? I do and I always ask her to write my greetings cards and present tags just because I always usually write in capitals when I write. I know, a really bad habit. I grew a custom to the trade when I was younger and even did it on a school exam paper once which to my teachers horror was the worst exam paper ever turned in. At least that’s what she told me and I am sure she was right. I managed to re-write it and in the end got a “B” on it which brought my grades back up to normal again thank god.

Spending a lot of time, more than 20 years, in front of the computer doesn’t really help either I tell you. Alright, maybe my handwriting isn’t all that bad but I could still use a touch up to make it cool and visually stunning like some peoples.

So is there a way to improve and perfect your handwriting? Well, I found this quite interesting clip that will take your handwriting from bad to awesome in just a few minutes. And you can really choose any style you want. If you can find the font for it you can get your handwriting to look just like it.

All you really need is a font, ruled paper and a pen. Then it’s just to emulate the chosen font over and over again to perfect your handwriting. Before you know it you will have improved your handwriting considerably! Enjoy!