How To: Make A Classy Valentine For Your Sweetie

We all know that homemade Valentine’s Day gifts come straight from the heart, and most of the time they are also lighter on the pocketbook. Do you want to make something really classy for your Valentine this year? I have the perfect idea for you.

First let me say that I’m not an arts and crafts kind of girl. I never have been, but when I saw how to make this beautiful pop up Valentine’s Day card, I did a double take. This is ubber cool. Of course, this is another fabulous creation by Shiho Masuda, the famous visual designer specializing in display/space design and gift wrap design. She makes this look so simple and easy!

Materials needed:
Mailing envelope
Exacto blade or scissors
Cutting mat

According to, to make this card eco-friendly, just use a glue stick instead of the glue shown in this video. You can learn more about Shiho Masuda and all her fabulous creations by visiting her website at The song “Happy Together” in French is a nice touch to this video. Very well done!