How To: Rasterbate An Image From Any Picture

Filling your walls with original art is one of the coolest little pastimes you can have to personalize your own home. Some people buy art for millions of dollars while others buy their images at IKEA or other really inexpensive stores. Either way, it’s whatever suits you and your wallet best; however, it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to fill your walls with art that only fits your budget. There are other ways to really pimp out that crib of yours and still come across like you know what you are doing.

I found a really cool little clip on YouTube that shows you how to rasterbate any image and print it out using your regular laser printer… or whatever you fancy to use at your office or home. It’s a truly easy way to get large images plastered over the walls at home, and if you just put a little work into it the art that you choose, it can look quite stunning.

Of course, you will need some tools in order to make it all work. Some patience isn’t exactly bad to have either. If you have a wall at home that looks bleak and without personality, this is a great little way to put some movement on it. Whatever you do though, just don’t go and tape it all together quickly cause it will just look tacky and without any impressive factor whatsoever. Spend some time on it. Cut the pages out to remove the white area. Use glue and use it well. Make it all seamless. It will totally pay off in the end. Of course, you can do it in color or in black and white, it’s entirely up to you. Happy printing!