How To: Work with Depth of Field | Photography Tutorial

Photography is probably the worlds most common past time in the world. Every second there is a new picture taken somewhere on the planet. Some by amateurs and some taken by pure professionals. Within movies and photography there is something called “Depth of Field” and it’s basically and simply put the way the photo is taken from a focused point of view. While amateurs usually just take a picture which portraits the whole image in focus, a professional picks an object within the frame and focuses the photo around that object, leaving everything else out of focus.

The eye and brain are used to sort out information that we are not interested in, therefore, focusing on the object of choice. So, if a photo is taken by an amateur for example, leaving everything in focus, the brain will still pick out that particular object you are focusing on right at that moment. However, on a photo taken with the attention on Depth of Field, the photo appears more soothing and much more interesting.

Usually the small and handy digital cameras we now can buy for cheap aren’t that good at achieving this feature in a photo as the optical zoom is usually traded out for a digital zoom which leaves the camera unable to take photos featuring Depth of Field.

But it is arguably a great way for all your photos to look much better, and with just that little extra funding you can achieve miraculous results and really take your photo album to the next level. There is usually not that huge of a difference in price when upgrading from a small handy digital camera to a more robust optical zoom camera. Yeah of course there are professional cameras out there that cost around $5,000 and up but there are really nice cameras out there for a fraction of that which will still give you the Depth of Field feature.