How To: Write like an Architect!

Typography can be a lot of fun if you really get in to it. Sometimes it can take a lot of time though if you’re creating it with a lot of detail and thought behind it. Usually these types of typography is the most appreciated by designers and viewers of any design blog. It is important to understand that typography is a way to generate text using stylized concepts that brings thoughts to patterns and shapes that truly make you think of the written words in a different way.

There are a million ways to stylize your text into typography and using simple fonts is one way. However it may come across lame and ordinary if you’re just creating it by buying or downloading a font. It will be way more appreciated and eye catching if you really get into the spirit and create a font from scratch and truly spend time organizing it from the bottom up.

I found a really interesting tutorial on YouTube that I’d like to share with you all. It’s about stylizing a font like an architect would do it. It teaches you how to organize and draw, by hand, a truly good looking font in just a matter of seconds. If you have some skills and just 10 minutes this will truly change the way your designs or presentations look. Be patient and draw the lines correctly. The end result will even impress your closest friends.