Instagram: What Famous Photographer Are You? [Infographic]

It’s all so interesting how a concept can go from nothing to a $300 million dollar company in as little as 18 months. That is exactly what Instagram managed to do. It speaks of ingenuity on the very edge of genius, and a way to connect with its users on the level of perfect collaboration. Facebook recently acquired this heavy photo sharing service, and with that, it’s been called one of Facebook’s most important acquisitions ever. What they intend to do with Instagram is of course anyone’s guess. However, there’s no doubt that the integration into Facebook will be one of the many things Facebook has planned for it. In what way, no one really knows.

As Instagram becomes more and more popular, I keep wondering how “professional” the service can really get. Will it at some point rival the quality of professional photography or is it already doing that? I’m sure it will inspire some really creative photographers who, due to its service, have found a new love for photography and potentially might make a life long career out of it. This brings me to yet another question. Would it be viable at all to compare Instagram photographers to legendary and famous photographers who have impacted humanity with their art?

According to New Media Rockstars you can. They have actually put together an infographic called Instagram Users: What Famous Photographer Are You? that will compare your style to the style of the immortal photographers throughout our history. Now you can determine whether your style is closer to that of Andy Warhol or maybe even Annie Leibovitzz. It’s all there, and all you have to do is compare your approach on Instagram to the ones on the infographic, and it should be clear to you.

Don’t miss out on yet another heavyweight social networking opportunity by not using Instagram. Sure, your picture quality will most likely be better if you use Photoshop to retouch and fix your images; however, Photoshop doesn’t enable you to engage and check out what millions of other people are shooting and sharing. If you can see it, you can photograph it. If you can photograph it, you can share it. That is pretty much the mentality of the entire Instagram community, so get creative. The world is at your feet, literally, and all you need to do is see it through the lens of your camera.

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