Mega Crane Made Out Of 2 Million Origami Cranes

The art of origami has gotten a great deal of space here on Bit Rebels, and that is not because we are insanely into origami. It’s just that we think the skills involved and the mathematics necessary to create something as intricate as origami is uber geeky. It’s of course also because it is so frickin awesome to watch what can become of a single piece of paper. That’s what makes the whole thing intriguing and interesting. At least that’s what I think, personally. I recently featured some rather small origami folds and just the fact they could all fit on the tip of our finger was pretty much enough for me to make the decision to feature it here.

Now what can be cooler or at least as cool as that you might ask? Well, when it comes to origami, there are a lot of things that can fit that description. This is especially true when it is created out of 2 million pieces of paper folded into small origami cranes that make up a mega crane. I couldn’t even fathom the time it must have taken to fold 2 million small origami cranes, and I wouldn’t even know how to put them all together into one giant mega crane either.

However, someone has done that, and that someone is actually a lot of people. The nonprofit organization Bezos Family Foundation decided shortly after the earthquake in Japan to invite children to come and help build the mega origami crane. The promise was to donate $2 for every crane that was folded and added to the mega crane, and as you can imagine, there were literally bus loads of children who came to help fold this awesome mega origami crane. How can you not love something when it just comes together like that? It’s a brilliant initiative that provided much needed support. This mega crane will always have a special place in a lot of people’s hearts, including ours here at Bit Rebels.

Mega Origami Crane For Donation

Mega Origami Crane For Donation

Via: [New York Times]