Melted Straws Fuse Together To Create Unusual Art

One of the many things I have learned from being a writer at Bit Rebels is that art can be created out of anything. A true artist is only limited by his or her imagination. This is not just a cliche; it’s a statement of truth.

After all, we’ve seen totem poles made out of crayons, sculptures made out of a human skeleton, itty-bitty buildings made out of staples and even an entire city made out of toothpicks.

Here is another example to add to our ever-growing list. Since I stop at least once a day to get something to drink when I’m out, I always end up with a bunch of straws in my car. Every so often I collect them all and throw them in the garbage. Evan Blackwell took all his straws and fused them together with heat to create a melting masterpiece he named “Unconscious Melt.” This is crazy creative to me! The straws all melted into something that looks like a scary monster. I like it, a lot!

[via cmybacon]