NES Zelda: The Reality Of A Hero Isn’t So Glamorous After All!

When I think back on the days when playing Nintendo was the prime reason to wake up in the morning and when the hero status of the characters I played meant more than the breakfast cereal at my disposal, I suddenly realize that those days were a long time ago. However, that doesn’t change the fact that becoming a hero every once in a while is a nice change when your days are filled with the every day tasks like making sure there is food on the table when you get home in the evenings. If being a hero was as simple as in the games, I think we all would like a button to press every time we needed a boost to conquer the growing lists of to-dos.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Even though the backpacks, sacks and key chains are easily located and filled with various helpful items in the game, we still don’t need to carry the weight of it in a game. So what if weight really played a roll in the games? What would our characters become? Would their hero status fade by the weight of his backpack?

An illustrator and t-shirt designer named Vintz has thought about this for a few moments. What appeared was something far more realistic and funny than anyone could have imagined. With Link from Zelda in mind, being a hero isn’t such a glorious and glamorous job after all. Next time you bust out that hero mood trying to save the world from evil, make sure you spend a moment thinking about this image and maybe you will become a little bit more humble towards what really goes on in the world of gaming. Props for a brilliant illustration! You can vote for this over at Threadless to make it into a t-shirt: Threadless