Orbit: Tell The Time All The Way Around Your Wrist

Again I think I have found what would be ultimately awesome if it ever becomes a reality. I don’t need to tell you again how much I enjoy collecting watches, and this one would certainly fit into my collection. There has been a boom in the watch industry lately where everyone is trying to create the next big thing when it comes to blending the coolest technologies available and the usability of a simple watch. There have been many examples of trials and errors, but there have also been a huge number of success stories reported.

Whether I would dare to predict the future of the Orbit, I am not sure, but just looking at it is makes me want to check it out in real life. It’s a clock that has a bent surface going all around your wrist. The time is told by constantly moving the lines in different speeds. They represent the month, day, hour, minute and second, and they are in constant movement.

Now, if they could just find the technology to make this a reality, it would be ultimately cool if you ask me. I just wish that instead of having it entirely cast into one solid ring, they would try and work out a hinge or something so that the watch would fit more snugly to your wrist. I don’t know if I would like to walk around with a watch that constantly rolled around my wrist. It would feel awkward and uncomfortable for sure. Brilliant concept! The designer of this fine piece is André Sheydin.