Papercraft: A Factory, An Office & People All Created With Paper!

It used to be that when I would write about papercraft art, it was because I was so blown away by what could be created with a piece of paper; however, now it’s a little bit different. I have been so surprised and shocked by the intricate details and realism that can be created with a piece of paper, that now, my goal is just to showcase the best of the best. One thing is for sure; a piece of paper can be magical, really.

A while back, Richard wrote an article about two people who call themselves People Too. They create incredible papercraft art, and he wrote about their papercraft paper airplane world which was amazing. I had never seen anything like that before.

Well, it seems People Too, which is made up of Russian artists Alexel Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich, are at it again, and this time, they’ve outdone themselves once more. In this collection called “Factory and Office” they depict just that, a factory and an office. Every detail is accounted for, in paper, everything from the cell phones in their hands, the frazzled looks on their faces and the muscles in their arms. It is all right there, and once again, I’m astonished. Enjoy!

Image Credits: [Amusing Planet]