Photoshop | How to Create Light Effects

Right now there’s is a trend emerging where you are supposed to have light swirls incorporated into your images and you designs. This can be quite daunting if you don’t know how to create them. There are several techniques on how to create these very eye catching elements in your pictures. But, as always it is important to practise these different methods in order to really draw up some really awesome results. There are some pictures out there that I have just stared at for hours trying to figure out just how they were created and how I could learn the trade.

In this article I am trying to round up all the light swirls tutorials that I can find in order to get the full scope of this very intense effect. Usually you can create these effects in just a few steps but I assure you that with the more steps and with more details you will get an astounding result that will blow away even the most advanced Photoshop user and designer.

As usual when dealing with these video tutorials the quality is varying a lot but don’t get too discouraged because of it. Usually the message and the final result is as advanced and impressive as a tutorial that has a bit of a better presenting.

So, check these clips out and try them out. Find the one that fits your needs the best and practise it. Make sure you know exactly what each step is capable of producing and you will within soon master the trade of these impressive light swirl effects. Enjoy!