Retro Cartoons: Star Wars And Indiana Jones Awesomeness!

Man did I just get a jolt of retro feel showered all over me. I guess we’ve covered how awesome ’80s movies were (and still are) here on Bit Rebels so no need to go into all that again. However, when it comes to Star Wars and Indiana Jones, there is simply no competition (except for a bunch of horror flicks that is). When you watch those movies you are drawn into a fiction world of adventure, and there is no dragging you out. You forever stay in there and every once in a while, you’re reminded that you’re living the boring life of a common human lacking the adventures in the movies.

Now you can have it all… in form of a comic, or at least, almost. I happened to stumble upon some insanely inspiring and creative cartoons created by amazingly talented carton artist Sam Fout. His unique style and perspective is totally mind soothing, and you will easily get “hooked” on his work.

He has been working with several giants such as Lucas Film, Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera and Coca Cola. His animations can be seen in several movies and are frequently shown on the Disney Channel for example. Whether these cartoons are actually comics, I have no idea. However, if they are, I am definitely wanna know about it. There’s nothing like a little Lucas magic to alter and transform the boring altitudes of the ordinary day. Simple as that!