Scissor Art: Could You Do This With A Pair Of Scissors?

We’ve featured a lot of papercraft on this site. Some of the designs people create with a piece of paper are absolutely mind blowing. However, what if you add a pair of scissors to the mix? If someone handed you a piece of paper and a pair of scissors, what exactly could you create? These two artists below, which I will refer to as “scissor artists,” specialize in just that.

The first artist, Simone Lourenco, creates these 3D paper sculptures. She takes two or three pieces of different colored paper and layers them on top of each other. Then she uses a pair of scissors to cut the top layer to reveal the color of the bottom layer(s). Of course, I’m sure the process is a lot more complicated than how I’m describing it. Just look at her work below. It’s breathtaking!

The second artist is a Japanese designer named Aoyama Hina. She is famous for her scissor art below, and you may have seen it before. She’s been featured in museums of art all over the world. Check out the details in the lettering she’s cut out below. She did that by hand with a pair of mini scissors. Yeah, I know, it’s almost unbelievable! I can cut out a mean snowflake from a white piece of paper, but that pretty much ends my scissor art talent. That’s okay. I’m perfectly content to watch these artists from afar and appreciate their passion!

[Via Lost At E Minor, Makezine] [Header Image Credit: Mark William Penny / Shutterstock]