SmartFish: Will The First Moving Keyboard Define The Future?

It’s common knowledge that some people sustain severe damage while spending substantial time typing on a keyboard. There have been so many attempts to create the best ergonomic keyboard that our arms, hands and fingers could use, but the task seems to be dauntingly complex and difficult since we are all created differently. Our hands are smaller, larger, longer, shorter, thicker and thinner. That goes for fingers and arms as well which makes the whole process a nightmare to sort out. What works for some people might not work for others and so forth. However, there are still several options to investigate and research. The ideas we had yesterday become new and futuristic approaches for tomorrow which might solve the problem and ease the load of stress on our hands, fingers and arms.

The newest approach is the SmartFish Engage radial motion keyboard design which puts the ordinary and ultimately boring keyboard in a different perspective. We have seen the slightly bent keyboard. We have also seen the two-piece keyboard which looks like nothing more than a simple keyboard that has been cut into two sections to get the “distance” that our arms make up by their positioning on our bodies.

This new concept simply adds several moving angles and parts to the keyboard which will ease the stress when typing since the keyboard will move with your hands when you reach for different keys. While typing, our hands constantly change their angle, posture and location which the Radial Motion Keyboard helps by adjusting to that. My only question is if we’ll have a hell of a time trying to reach certain keys because the keyboard is constantly moving. #JustAThought You can buy this new type of keyboard for just $149.95 over at the SmartFish website.