Sole Creations: The Artwork On The Bottom Of Your Shoes

Everyone seems to be a fanatic about sneakers and the way they look lately. Maybe “lately” is kind of a dodgy word to use here, but lets just say it means the last couple of years or so. Yeah, that’s how accurately I can estimate the fandom of sneakers (but it’s probably a much longer time than that). People want cooler, better and more awesome sneakers, and that is not going to change I reckon. The shoe manufacturers constantly battle the edge of what they can come up with, and more times than not, they actually manage to bend the trends towards something completely different, in a good way.

In a recent music video for the band Audio Bullies, the director and producer of the video took quite a radical approach to the way we view sneakers, namely from underneath them. The video is one of those vibrantly colored ones with a different perspective that I definitely think will gain popularity once people start noticing the cool way they have created the soles of the shoes the band members are wearing.

Is this a new trend we are seeing? Is this going to catch on? Maybe or maybe not, there is no telling whether the masses will pick up on the idea; however, the initiative is brilliant and the creativity in it is far from boring. I sure wouldn’t mind sporting a couple of those shoes if I had the opportunity. They would go great if I was wandering on a beach somewhere, and if I wanted to make imprints in the sand with whatever message I wanted. Hey, what a brilliant new advertising idea these guys have come up with! So, if anyone is interested in spreading the word about their product or service, get back to me with your message on the soles of a pair of awesome sneakers, and I will wear them through the summer months. Or maybe not…

Trendy Shoe Sole Graphic Design

Via: [Dude Craft]