Stupid Designs | Far from Perfect

No matter how you see it we all look at the world through the same eyes, hopefully. Talking design is always fun and there are lots of areas still not processed and these are the areas where things quickly can develop into something awkward and weird. Is there really something called “Perfect Design”? What is perfect design? Asking yourself that very question will profoundly change your look at things. No, I really mean it. Doesn’t it all come down to taste in the end?

Looking at these two clips will put you in a position you haven’t been before. You are the target, you are the point of focus and YOU are the one not perfectly designed. After watching these clips I changed my view on things, dramatically. Not life altering but to the point where I will forever question what perfect design really is.

Designing for a client is always fun. No matter if the client has some points he wants to change or modify. It comes with the trade so to speak. But, when I design I now know why I am never satisfied entirely with what I do. It’s because there is always room to improve. As I recently said in an interview “Never feel as you’ve reached the end of your potential” cause you will always look at your designs later and realize that you could have done so many things differently.

So with all of this said. Take a look at these clips and then sit back and take it all in. It WILL change your look on things. Enjoy!