The Bloody Safe Driving Campaign – Will It Work?

We are all aware of the dangers that stem from talking on our cell phone while driving. In Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka in India, this has become such a problem that the police have put together their own very creative public service announcement about it.

The interesting part about this to me is that their approach is so different than what I have thought of before. Instead of doing the same old thing and discouraging people form talking on the phone while driving, they are targeting the friends and relatives who call people while they are driving.

In other words, they are saying that if you know someone is driving and you call them on their cell phone, you are partially responsible for this dangerous problem. I’ve never thought of it that way in the past, but it is so true. These harsh pictures tell a gruesome story about what could happen when you are comfortably at home, and you call someone who is driving. I didn’t realize I could be an enabler in this situation. This campaign worked on me because I will definitely think twice before doing that again.

[Image Source: Dyvantity]